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Library Testimonials

Please view the written testimonials below from students and faculty who have utilized services provided by the library. We are here to help you be successful!

I like to seek someone else's help rather than doing everything on my own and risking doing something incorrect. – Student, Fall 2016

The librarians are a good resource when it comes to conducting strong research for assignments. – Student, Fall 2016

Knowing how to use all the databases now will be so useful when I have to write my next paper and will make the whole thing so much easier. – Student, Fall 2016

They are the experts at researching topics. – Student, Fall 2016

Honestly, I didn't expect there would be so many options and resources in the library workshop. I know for a fact that I will not use Google for research in my paper or any future assignments. – Student, Fall 2016

I use the chat function all the time when I'm stuck or confused in the area of researching topics or what database to use. – Student, Fall 2016

I’m delighted with the library workshops and how thorough/comprehensive and specific-to-the-assignment they are. – Faculty, Fall 2016

Extremely pleased with the workshops.  The librarians are professional, well-informed and very approachable/personable.  Excellent student feedback on how helpful they were and how useful the info they prepared and shared. – Faculty, Fall 2016

Asking for help before blindly looking for something would save time in the future. – Student, Fall 2015

I would absolutely come in and ask for assistance again in the future, it greatly helped my grade. – Student, Fall 2015

Just want to say that I use this library almost every day and the staff is very friendly and always willing to help out any way they can. Thank you so much. – Student, Fall 2015

You guys rock; this is my 3rd school and by far the most helpful and the best. – Student, Fall 2015


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