SSTC Policies | Horry-Georgetown Technical College
Horry-Georgetown Technical College


When you utilize your SSTC, you agree to our policies and procedures while enjoying our free academic assistance/coaching and online academic assistance at HGTC:

  1. Students are not permitted to schedule more than 2 hours per coach per week. The SSTC encourages students to meet with a variety of coaches to avoid burn out and to allow others the opportunity to coach.
  2. Students are not permitted to schedule more than 6 hours of coaching per week for the same class/subject. Extra time can be granted by the Director/Coordinator if special circumstances arise.
  3. Students are highly discouraged from scheduling two consecutive hours of coaching with one coach. Scheduling two separate appointments throughout the week allows you to be able to effectively process any new information, to process your last coaching session goals and accomplishments,and to practice on your own between each session.
  4. Students are expected to follow college policies and procedures regarding the use of the SSTC and internet. This includes the following policies below: