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The Writing Center

The Writing Center

SSTC Writing Center

The writing center is a function of the SSTC that provides support for ANY assignment that has a written component.  This includes, but is not limited to:

1. Paragraphs      2. Essays      3. Research Papers
4. Speeches      5. Presentations      6. Lab Reports
7. Business Letters      8. Annotated Bibliographies  

What services do Writing Center Coaches offer?

  • Providing direct feedback/guidance on completed or partially completed written assignments
  • Help students to develop writing skills through practice exercises and one-to-one support
  • Support with Citations and Writing Style requirements such as MLA, APA, & Chicago/Turabian Style
  • General English support such as Grammar, Sentence Skills, & Critical Thinking in paper writing
  • Help with developing ideas and outlines for papers that have not been started yet

Common Myths about the Writing Center:

  • Myth: Writing Center Support is only available for English classes
  • Truth: Writing Center Support is available for any written assignment regardless of what class it is for
  • Myth: The Writing Center will edit your assignments for you
  • Truth: The Writing Center will provide feedback so you can learn and edit your own assignment
  • Myth: The Writing Center can only provide help for MLA Citations
  • Truth: The Writing Center can help you regardless of the citation style required by your class and formatting manuals are available for student use

How do I access writing center support?

Writing Center support is available for all classes

To receive support, simply contact the SSTC or use TutorTrac to book an appointment with a Writing Center Coach.

Appointments can be completed in person, or by over-the-phone/Skype consultations

Make sure to bring a copy of your assignment, as well as the instructions provided by your professor.

Helpful Links and Resources:

SSTC Online Resource Center - Helpful links, guides, and video tutorials

TutorTrac - Online portal for making tutoring appointments

Purdue OWL - Online guide for different writing styles

GrammarBytes - Free grammar training website

NoodleBib - Free Bibliography/Works Cited assistance website

Here's what people are saying about the writing center:

"I am beyond satisfied, [SSTC Coach] helped me to construct a better paper." - March 2017

"[SSTC Coach] is so helpful.  I am able to focus on my research paper and actually get my thoughts out" - Nov. 2016

"[SSTC Coach] gave me extremely good advice for editing my essay.  I would recommend him to any other student who had trouble with English." - Sept. 2016